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Westlake Health Foundation endeavors to promote the health and welfare primarily of the people of west suburban Cook County, Illinois through the granting of funds for health in the areas of research, education, prevention, promotion, access and direct health care, regardless of race, sex, creed or financial need.

From the beginning, Westlake Health Foundation has been focused on the health and well-being of our neighbors in west suburban Cook County, Illinois.

In 1980, the Foundation was first established as a separate corporation. Its primary purpose was to raise funds to benefit west Proviso area residents through support of Westlake Health System -- Westlake Community Hospital, Westlake Pavilion and Community Nursing Service West.

Over the next 18 years, the Foundation accepted numerous donations and bequests on behalf of the system in addition to hosting community-oriented fund-raising events. As a result, many services and facilities were enhanced and expanded at no cost to the community or patients.

Today, following the transfer of Westlake Health System to Resurrection Health System, Westlake Health Foundation has become a freestanding hospital conversion foundation. Instead of being the beneficiary of others' generosity, the Foundation is now funded and structured to grant monies to other organizations seeking to improve the health of our communities.
The Foundation is led by an eight-member board of directors who meet quarterly. A Grants Committee meets twice yearly to review grant requests and make recommendations. Grants are approved at the June and December board mettings.

Applications for grants must be received by May 1 and November 1. Once funds are granted, recipients are monitored to ensure that the original goals have been met. Grants may be renewed upon expiration.

Westlake Health Foundation seeks to serve area residents for many years to come. This self-perpetuating foundation maximizes the amount of money available for grants while maintaining the body of the Foundation's funds to generate grants for future generations.
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For more information, contact us at 630-495-3800

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