Grant Criteria


Each grant awarded must be used for the purpose of promoting community health generally in west suburban Cook County, Illinois, primarily to organizations located in Proviso Township.  Grants may be awarded for either new projects or those that complement existing health care providers.  Grants will be made only to organizations that have 501 (c) status from the Internal Revenue Service.  Documentation of such status must be made by the Grantee before the grant award monies are disbursed by the Foundation. Grant requests will include a copy of the organization's outside auditor's report from the previous year. The Board of Trustees will make grants by unanimous vote.


Use of Funds Granted


Funds will be available for sponsorship of specific grants in the areas of a) Health Research efforts; b) Health Educational efforts; c) Illness Prevention; d) Health Promotion; e) Improved access to care; and f) direct health care.  Funds shall be available for capital expenditures such as buildings as well as projects encompassing areas listed above.  There shall be no restrictions with respect to race, sex, creed or financial need.


Grantee Reporting Responsibilities


General Responsibilities


Grantees are required to report back to the Foundation the results, progress and usage of grant funds received. The Foundation requires grantees, on a periodic basis, to report on the achievement that has or is being made on the grant’s objectives as stated in the grant application. Monies that have been spent must also be reported, including the purpose for which they were spent. 


Specific Requirements


A.  If a grant is made for a project in the amount of $25,000 or less, a report needs to be made after the project is completed and annually if the project covers more than a twelve-month period.


B.  If the grant is for a project for an amount between $25,001 and $50,000 a report needs to be made after each six months from the award of the grant if the project covers more than a six-month time period, and after the project is complete.


C.  If the grant is for an amount of more than $50,001, quarterly reports will be required after the award is made until the project is completed wherein a final report is required.


D.  The format of a grant report is not specified but must contain:


1.  The Grant Identification Number.

2.  The date of the award and the amount awarded.

3.  The original objectives of the grant (as stated in the grant application).

4.  Grantee expectations on being able to successfully complete the project.

5.  The progress toward achieving those objectives and/or the results of the activity compared to the stated objectives.

6.  The monies that have been expended and for what purposes.


Future Support


A Westlake Health Foundation grant does not guarantee further support or a pledge for future support.




Westlake Health Foundation will not consider applications for the following:


1.  Incomplete applications or applications without an assigned identification number.

2.  Political organizations, campaigns or lobbying activities and/or organizations designed primarily for lobbying and advocacy.

3.  Religious organizations for direct religious activities.

4.  Endowment campaigns.

5.  Fraternal organizations, societies or orders.

6.  Benefit fundraisers, raffles, tickets, testimonial or recognition events.

7.  Telephone solicitations.

8.  Projects that benefit individuals.


Request for Application - Instructions


Please include the following supporting materials with your 'Request for Application':

  • Statement of Purpose (approximately 50 words)
  • Proof of 501 (c) status by the IRS

Then, please submit your 'Request for Application', with all supporting materials to:


Westlake Health Foundation

One Lincoln Centre

18 West 140 Butterfield Road; Suite 1660

Oakbrook Terrace, IL  60181


Online Grant Application Forms 

If your 'Request for Application' has been approved by the Westlake Health Foundation, you will receive an 'Approval Notification' via postal mail containing the website to access the 'Grant Application form' along with a unique 'Application ID number'. Please note, only potential applicants that have submitted a 'Request for Application' (see above), which has subsequently been approved, will be permitted to utilize the 'Grant Application form'.  Applications that have been submitted without proper authorization will be excluded from consideration by the Grants Committee.


Westlake Health Foundation